Prejudice is:

  • Prejudice is fear, it is fear that you cannot compete without an edge. 
  • Prejudice is denial, denial that God created mankind and he did not choose one race to be superior to another.
  • Prejudice is laziness, hoping to build your future on the backs and burdens of others for free or for unfair wages. 
  • Prejudice is ugly, thinking that you know what beauty looks like better than God
  • Prejudice is greed, deciding that you are entitled to more than you have earned 
  • Prejudice is hate, choosing not to love God’s creation and ignore that God loves his people and commanded that you love them too.
  • Prejudice is a lie, an untruth, based on ideas that are not true and unreal and attempting to fool yourself.
  • Prejudice is ignorance, it is lack of knowledge of self, the world and of God.
  • Prejudice is stupidity, it is an indicator for lack of intelligence because God made man to be the most intelligent creature on the planet, more intelligent than animals.
  • Prejudice is savage, it is stooping to the level of a beast, an animal.

Published by: MamaSezWisdom

Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Inspirational Speaker and Author of Mama’s Best Advice:Words of Wisdom (Amazon) and Prayer, Prose Poems and Psalms of Purpose for People Who are Aging (Amazon).

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