The U.S.A. needs a new protocol to heal.

The U.S.A. is very ill and is on the verge of dying. The cancer that it has is infectious and virulent.  As the disease spreads,  everyone and anyone it comes in contact with, it will kill, unless the disease is dealt with right away. Although the U.S.A. will never be cured of this cancer, it can be treated. With the correct and aggressive measures the U.S. A. will get better and survive.

The cancer that the U.S.A. has is progressing  because too many  folks have been betrayed by past prescriptions and they are now  feeling conspired against and will not risk  starting a new regimen with the same prescription.

The U.S.A. may get better after treatment, but even after treatment, the wound will always be subject to the slightest abrasion, opening, deepening the cancer and making it more resistant to treatment.

For treatment to work, the regimen must be aggressive, calling for a dedicated multidisciplinary team of  the best minds. The treatment  will be expensive and physically taxing.  The protocol, which will include masses doses of love, committment and a positive attitude must be dispensed to everyone.  Since this is an infectious cancer,  treatment must be strictly adhered to.

The treatment will be infinite because the disease  went untreated for  at least four hundred years. Then after a  modest treatment and a slight remission, the disease is now raging, spreading and virulent. Therefore, the new medicine will  be more aggressive and hard to swallow. But it is a matter of life and death.

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