Give Me a Good Word.  

  A good word is pleasant and healing to the ear, the heart, soul and mind. A good word is a blessing. A good word brings good and not evil. It is helpful and not hurtful. It is healing and not sickening.

  How can we offer a good word? How can we offer a good word even when we are angry?

  Life and death are in the power of the tongue.  When wishing life or wishing death, consider which one is evil and which one is good. The Ten Commandments warn us against the desire to kill,  “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” and if we follow these commands we know that we should not wish death, not even on our enemy. We can hope for our enemy to choose life, the life which the bible refers to.  The bible says that Jesus is the Life and we know that Jesus represents what  is good. He is the good word.  

 So , speak good, give a good word, even in times of anger. Refrain from speaking when you are angry, take a moment to restrain your tongue. When in a discussion that involves the need to discuss difficult conversations that involve tension or dissension, think about how to pose your statements in a way which offers your hope for the person’s good, wishes for enlightenment, for atonement or for reparation.

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