Anxiety is a cause of success: Anxiety and Motivation

Anxiety is a cause of success as anxiety brings physical and mental motion causing humans to feel the need to move. Success is not based on stillness and success is not based on flawlessness, but success is based on motivation and anxiety is another name for motivation. What gets you out of bed more than anxiety? What forces you to study for that test? It is anxiety. Anxiety is explained as:

A normal trait with variation in the experience of the unpleasant emotional state associated with subjective feelings of tension, apprehension, and worry as well as activation or arousal of the autonomic nervous system.

Successful people have lots of energy and don’t waste time; they make things happen, often not within the boundaries of the best circumstances. Successful people are driven and being driven is like having a motor in your brain which drives you. Another word for driven is anxiety. Successful people do experience a nudging feeling, but they are not controlled or limited by it. In the definition of anxiety the term normal trait and variation in experience of an unpleasant or subjective feelings is important to be highlighted. Those same feelings which some people feel as a negative experience propels others toward the driving spirit toward success.


Motivation which is described as the desire to do things can be channeled through anxiety (nervous energy). This means anxiety can be positively channeled into  motivation or anxiety can be directed toward motivation.  Some say that you can power through the pain period: which is the period between feeling the anxiety and turning it into motivation. Newton’s Law: An object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force. (i.e. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest.)


Successful people are most often in motion and anxious people have the energy to maintain motion propelling  anxious energy and causing success.  So, think about channeling that anxiety into motion, be driven by the anxiety and allow your anxiety to cause success.

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