Living to a hundred-a synopsis of what Dr. Gupta says

Being more social makes you interact with others and meditation which makes you focus on breathing and both have stress relieving effects.  Exposure to pets help to reduce allergies and help to increase happiness. Weight resistance exercise increases health. Eating breakfast like a king, lunch a prince and dinner like a pauper (reduce snacks) and meatless meals will reduce nitrates and saturated fat which cause disease. Alcohol (one per day) reduces inflammation in the body, but greater  than 7 drinks per week have reverse effect on health and energy drinks have unhealthy effects on body.  Sitting is the new smoking, so keep moving. Make sleep a priority,  7 hours or more and putting  digital devices away from the bed and avoiding using digital devices before bedtime is beneficial since these devices stimulate brain,  making it difficult to get to sleep. Laughing is medicine, even a fake laugh and 20 times a day is the prescription.  Put the phone out of reach while driving (100,000 texting and driving accidents are injuring people in USA yearly).  Dark chocolate 70% or more on occasion has antioxidants and is beneficial. Eating habits that begin in childhood like labeling foods with health effects increase likelihood of training kids to eat healthy, important to not use food as a reward or punishment. Music is therapy, singing increases brain functioning, various kinds of music can have energizing or relaxing effects. Cell phone safety in terms of radiation has not been established-cell phones are classified as a possible carcinogens and instructions advise not to place against ears, especially for children. Sun burns can have long lasting negative effects. Flossing teeth helps to decrease inflammation entering your body and inflammation can be a predictor of heart disease. Being lonely increases risk of  all sorts of diseases, while just saying “hello” can register in the brain in a way that decreases the effects of loneliness on the brain.

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