The Sweet and Sour Absurdity of Selfishness: About me –  sweet, about you – sour

Has anyone ever told you that you are selfish? Have you realized that you are selfish? Do you think that selfishness is a good quality to have as a human being? Most people have heard someone say at some point, “You have to be selfish sometimes” but, selfishness can be pretty unappealing.

Remember when your parents ( hopefully they did) asked you to share your toys? They knew the importance of learning how not to be selfish. Obviously, they were your toys, you were keeping them but,  in play, it’s a better experience when you learn not to be selfish because selfishness is not fun for your playmate.

Children tend to be more selfish by nature and children are teachable, but a stubborn selfish adult is not fun. Dating or worse marrying someone who is selfish is not fun.  A selfish person is sweet when they choose the movie, but turns sour when it’s your turn. A selfish guy may say you’re so sweet when you volunteer to watch football with him, but watch him go sour when you ask him to sit with you at the nail salon.

Selfish people are blinded by the glare of the sun and they are the sun. So,  everything else revolves around them – every planet, every person, everything operates on their time. What they are really saying by their selfishness is that we should all set our clocks to their timing and without them, we’d have no light.

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