Affirmation For All Time


I promise to love myself, through disappointment, through trial, through error, through rejection even if others seem to give up on me, I will continue to love myself.

Sometimes you can go to a dark place, a lonely place that takes you to the brink, the edge of the cliff. It is a lonely place and it can seem that even in a city of 9 million, no one knows you are there, in fact, if they did know, they wouldn’t care. And in these times, you can lose your way and think there is no reason, no purpose that you can look to that would make it all worthwhile.

In this hour, it is important to look within, only within, and then look up to that which is greater than yourself. When I look at the sky, the moon the evening stars, I see that which is greater than myself. It is at that moment that I never feel alone, all of a sudden when I see the millions of stars and the huge sky above me I realize how great it is and how small I am, for I am only a speckle. I am human. I can fail but just like the millions of stars, there could be maybe a million other opportunities out there to win. The loneliness begins to fade as I see the thousands, really millions of stars that light the sky. Oh, and then when there are no stars, there is still the moon–even if only a sliver, it is bright and gives off light that I can see and know that it is never totally dark. There is always just a little light shining through, sometimes lesser sometimes greater but always there.