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As you browse our site, you’ll find information, tools, or links to resources to encourage a “balanced” healthy lifestyle: Meditation, Prayer, Exercise, Diet, Love, Purpose, Humor, Discipline, Patience, and Resilience.


Here, we’ll discuss a milieu of topics: including wellness, grief, relationships, family, social and societal. Every day, ordinary issues are among the things that bring stress, grief, and hardship. But here you’ll also find inspirational and humorous posts to encourage and help you “process” life’s challenges.

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Wandra Chenault .

Wandra Chenault is a Life Coach and Lifestyle Expert. WANDRA’S FOCUS IS MIND*BODY*SPIRIT. HER WORK CENTERS AROUND HEALTH AND WELLNESS. WANDRA’S BELIEF IS THAT “Wealth is relative, and there are various ways to achieve a happy and rich lifestyle that you will love and cherish, but Mental, physical, EMOTIONAL and spiritual health ARE ‘GOLD’ AND PROVIDE THE foundation of TRUE wealth.”