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  • When There’s No Time For “Goodbye.”

    Mama’s Best Advice: Words of Wisdom Digest As a leaf on a limb swiftly falls—when a breeze passes, it can happen so quickly that there’s no time for “goodbye.” by Wandra F Chenault, MSW                                           […]

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  • Affirmation

    I will always love myself, through any situation, any circumstance, any hardship, and any criticism, even when others refuse to love me, I will love myself.

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  • Jilted

    Mama’s Best Advice:Words of Wisdom Digest Jilted: when you’re on the receiving end of a mean spirited rejection Misled, taken advantage of, betrayed, humiliated: words that describe the feelings associated with being jilted. by Wandra Chenault, MSW MamaSezWisdom™  9/15/2021 What is being jilted? One definition reads, “To deceive or drop (a lover) suddenly or callously.” […]

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Wandra Chenault, LCSWR .

Wandra Chenault is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist and Lifestyle Expert. “Wealth is relative, and there are various ways to achieve a happy and rich lifestyle that you will love and cherish, but Mental, physical and spiritual health is the foundation of real wealth.”