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Everything that happens, happens for a reason

There is definitely cause and effect and as we can see or explain cause and effect it is easy to understand. But often things happen and we don’t understand why they happen. A wonderful bible scriputre reads “For everthing there is a season,” (Ecclesiates 3:1). We cannot expect that things will be exactly the same every day, every time, every year or four years. Our lives go through seasons, as does life and everything here in the universe. If we are to have some kind of peace, then we must accept that there definitely will be a time to dance and  and a time to love, which means that not all times will there be love or dancing. We are definitely living in a time of discourse, a time of growing pains. These growing pains will serve a purpose.

Our country, the great USA, is going through growing pains. It is not the first time and it won’t be the last. We did some expansion for eight years by inaugurating our very first African American president and watching two little girls, the descendants of slaves play on the White House lawn. Our country moved forward.  We have grown beyond a Christian nation to a nation where there are Muslims and Jews and Sheiks. We have secured protection for the rights of all US citizens to vote and be protected under the law and here come the growing pains, the shifting back and forth, the shaking up. It is part of the process moving forward.

Khalil Girbran wrote “For life goes goes not backwards nor tarries with yesterday.” Making America great again cannot mean going backward.  Girbran also wrote “The archer  sees the mark upon the path of the infite, He bends you with his might that His arrows may go swift and far.” God is marching us forward, not backward. In the age of the 21st century, great things are new and improved, not backwards. Instead of trying to capture an antiquted ideology, we have infinite opportunities to make America moving forward. Although moving foward means growing pains and there is a rumbling, when we grow out of our breeches we move forward to pants..not exactly the same, but new and improved.

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