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A Vessel that can Hold Love

Not of glass because glass can shatter crack and break but, one of precious metals

vessel holding loveMG-5295

When I was very young I didn’t understand  the concept of pouring love into a vessel that couldn’t contain it   There’s the possibility to pour into a vessel that has held poison. What is  poured in is contaminated by what was left behind so it is also poisoned. There is also the vessel that has contents left behind and what is  poured in is excess, it overflows and is lost – which is different from the vessel that is damaged and what is poured in, it is wasted as its contents  slowly leak, seep out and run off into the sewer. While a vessel that is too small cannot accept all that is offered; a vessel too big is always half filled.  A vessel made of glass is fragile and has to be handled with great care, else it shatter and its contents lost.



So a vessel made to hold, of precious metal, one that grows more beautiful with age, one that will not corrupt or poison its contents, this is a vessel worthy to hold love. 

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