About Mama’s Best Advice

I am Wandra and the author of Mama’s Best Advice: Words of Wisdom (2010/Book) – And, this is my blog.

I created this this site to share some of my own thoughts on experiences from my own perspective. I’ve been in the helping profession most of my life and so, I’ve led psychotherapy, groups, family counseling and other therapeutic interventions. But, I’m also a mother, aunt., daughter, sister, grandmother and a friend and that’s just the basics. I’ve had and still have many personal challenges, as many people do. As I go through things with my clients or on a personal level, I learn stuff- sometimes quickly and sometimes very slowly. Here, I speak on the things that rock my boat, shatter my emotions or give me strength and hope. I hope you find something here that informs you, inspires you, comforts you or, gives you hope.

What I Do

At current time I do psychotherapy at one of the largest worldwide tele-mental health service providers. I am an Adjunct Professor and I am involved in promoting documentaries and other films that address social issues.