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Beware of the Snake Charmer – Its a Game of Manipulation


  1. The Snake Charmer always uses something that is hypnotic. Once you look, it  will capture your attention.
  2. The Snake Charmer’s fundamental instrument is a beautiful snake.   You begin to watch the beautiful snake, while your ignore what he /she is really doing.
  3. The Snake Charmer creates a deceptive illusion. Caught in his (her) magic, what you see or feel is not real: it is designed to manipulate you.
  4. The Snake Charmer wants to receive  rather than give. He (she) should not be trusted.
  5. The Snake Charmer’s snake bites, stings and chokes and he/she is the only one in control. In the end you may lose more than you have gained by gazing at the hypnotic  enchanting  illusion  of the charmer and beauty of the snake-

Mama’s Best Advice

Avoid the charm of the snake charmer and the beauty of his (her) snake. It is only a game  to lure you into a trance and leave you at his (her) mercy.  

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