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Only God Knows


Mama’s Best Advice

I’ve met a lot of people who seem to make assumptions on behalf of God. There are a few universal assumptions most of us accept about knowing the mind of God and in summation we know, God is good and just and divine. Outside of that line of thought when we don’t know the answer and we leave it up to God then, only God knows. But there are some people who will try to speak not on behalf of God but in place of God–when they don’t really know what God wants because they aren’t God. If we knew everything then we would be God ourselves. There are some or many times in life when we don’t know what God wants, in these times,  only God knows. And in these times, we can pray and hope that God will reveal by shedding light where it will be crystal clear and bring to sight and mind what is good and just and divine.

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