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When you know better you do better, or do you? WHEN THE CHOICE IS YOURS

Wandra Najat-Felecia Chenault



As children our parents often make most of our choices, what to eat when to eat when to go to bed and it’s served us well because left up to us as children we’d probably have stayed up all night eating pizza and ice cream and skipping school that morning.

As we get older and wiser we’ve often been taught or learned that everything that looks tastes smells sounds  and feels good isn’t the best choice. Yet, some of us opt to give in to our sensations and impulses rather than our sensibilities-a bad choice.

So when the choice is ours how do we assert discipline to do what’s best or better?  Well one way is to routinely slow down and mentally process decisions – playing the whole tape- delaying  the decision until thinking out the consequences. This may seem time consuming but, actually it’s not for most every day decisions because most of  these are decision we’ve made before and have some knowledge of the consequences beforehand -on file in our minds. So, taking a minute to stop and pull that mental note to consider it – takes only a second or two.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 2.14.40 PM

Be Intentional

Make a decision to slow down, make a decision to consider those sensations impulses and routine decisions that yield results that can or have brought regrets in the past and how the regrets are to be avoided.  Take time to be conscious of your thoughts – talk to yourself  and consider your actions, most of all  decide to be intentional – knowing ahead of time your objectives and goals, always aware of what moves them further away and what brings them closer.

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