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The Gossip(er) – the power, purpose and pain of gossip

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Based on rumors and sometimes facts, gossipers strategically have “secretive” conversations about the lives and personal matters of friends, family,  associates, acquaintances or people they don’t even know.

The gossiper uses gossip as a means of  power, controlling the narrative about an individual or group.  Some gossipers strategically choose the timings of the gossip release,  “the news.” The information is often passed as highly coveted, top secret or breaking news but, the gossiper has objectives and wants you to listen. Often her objective is  to tell you information she needs you to know rather than what. you really need to know and sometimes it’s to inject pain by telling you something that will make you feel disenfranchised, fearful, hurt or confused or to illicit negative reaction that assaults someone else’s character status or accomplishments. Or, the gossiper may use gossip as a tool to isolate others. As a power broker, the gossiper has status and is convincing, whether the information is truthful or not, it is intriguing, salacious and she lures you in because she has entrusted you with the secret. The bottom line is the gossiper feels invigorated and important through the transmission of the gossip and you are a tool in helping her in achieving this sensation. When the gossiper finds someone to participate, a special  relationship and sense of mutual power can develop. Gone array, gossip can be weaponized. Gossip can destroy mental/emotional balance, relationships, families and increase personal stress at work or home, at worse psychiatric distress like depression or anxiety can increase. All said, gossip has a purpose and power and, gossip can be painful.



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Wandra Najat-Felecia Chenault, MSW Mama Sez Wisdom ™️ is a Life Coach.  To learn more about her life coaching services  contact her through the following link

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