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Proclaiming Right, Getting It All Wrong!

We try to fool our minds into thinking that what is right is that which is most appealing to us — but our choices are more often the ones we think will cause us less discomfort




When we make decisions around issues which affect us as a society, what may seem right to many of us is probably far from what is actually best for us all.  Choices which are easy to swallow can be attractive — we leave on the table the options which actually would be most beneficial to the most people — even choices involving small personal sacrifices will have less appeal.  

What is right can be slightly painful, an idea most of us  learned as children from our parents: medicine,  which helps to make us feel better, can have a bad taste. When what  is right can mean we lose a privilege, some power, some excess or access —even something  we really never or rarely ever used or needed—it can put us on edge. 

Are  we allowing ourselves to be convinced that greed, selfish indulgence, narcissism  and planet exploitation are necessary and deserving provisions for some of us while,  human misery, abject poverty, human subjugation and exploitation are the right plight for some others? 

Sometimes what is “right”  is indignant justice –righteous because even if it only serves those who hold the least power, the least standing: in a family, a community, a people, a nation or  the world — is right because it sustains the balance in the universe. Some fail to realize that the universe does not only contain stars but stars and planets and living creatures. The universe sustains; it doesn’t rely on “survival of the fittest,” a term created by Herbert Spencer who was more concerned with economic power than Charles Darwin who was fascinated by reproduction and “natural selection.”  One idea is concerned with wiping people out for greed, the other how life tries to carry itself on. 

Social darwinism masked in the celebrity of it all: the glare of money, sex, beauty and power has blinded eyes, confused brains and hardened hearts. It is like a gambling table where we are willing to lose much at the thought of having it all. We must step away from that table and the lure of what we think we are gaining and we must struggle with our conscious, we must raise our consciousness to consider what is right for humanity. We are losing air, we are losing water, we are losing trees, we are losing lives.




The death of one star doesn’t end the universe but the death of all stars would make our planet dark.

The death of one star doesn’t end the universe but the death of all stars would make the universe dark. The universe is a complex and beautiful  system because of its diversity. Earth is our micro universe and we need to get it right. We cannot and should not make human sacrifices of the poor, the mentally ill, those classified in the hierarchy of color as lesser, those who seem to give themselves to what we don’t understand or like, or  those whose appearance seems only a nuisance.

Right is a pinnacle point, not an attitude, not a position not a perception;  Right is neither left, right, or centered. Right is above all else. Right cannot be argued to convince the universe that wrong should become right. Right is not a golden calf, to be offered jewels and coins in exchange for permission of forbidden indulgences  Right is mathematical and, although it may not conclude at a 100%, given all things — its sum — even at 99.9 will be as close to perfect as the universe we know allows. 

Amongst us there are those who will be on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of an issue, cheering for the wrong victory; they are  proclaiming right but getting it all wrong. 



Wandra Najat-Felecia Chenault, MSW  is a  life coach, inspirational speaker and author. Mama Sez Wisdom™️

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