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The Intoxicating Appeal of Anger!


Metaphorically drunk with anger,  one can resist the option to calm down. Charged by the experience of an adrenaline rush, one may be inclined to call for a refill!

by  Wandra Najat-Felecia Chenault, MSW                                                                                 MamaSezWisdom 

Anger can be intoxicating and during intense anger one can become inebriated by the adrenaline rush which one can experience.. The concern here is that in this fit of anger, some people refuse to calm down (which can lead to bad decisions, violence  or other dangerous behavior)..

Some of this  is caused by adrenaline, which is  epinephrine, a natural “drug” native to our brains and its neurotransmitters.   Adrenaline produces the fight or flight response but it can  feel like an adrenaline rush. An adrenaline rush is an overwhelming feeling  that “comes to the rescue” giving an individual a sense of unlimited power and strength and can enhance the will of the human to show attributes of increased  physical strength. This natural “drug” is our defense when we feel a threat to ourselves or something /one. 

As  the adrenaline rush begins  hyping a person up, it can make him./her  feel superhuman but, one’s thinking may become outside of what is natural or normal.  This adrenaline rush can interfere with rational thinking, making someone feel superstrong, powerful, courageous,  ready to fight or defend and not level headed.  

Although many people have saved lives in this  heightened state, this response also allows one’s  mind to become “ lost,” as often reported, “I lost it!”    Without discipline during this powerful adrenaline rush, one can lose rationale becoming fixated on the anger or source  of anger. Because at this point the brain is being charged by the adrenaline, the mental and physical reactions to the force of these brain chemicals  can overpower an attempt of the calming brain chemicals to kick in. So, an angry person can be locked into this bubble of powerful emotions, and resistant to finding a way out of the bubble–drunk with anger.

Here’s the Thing

Some experts  are suggesting that when you experience intense anger, take a breath and count to three.  This may help level off the adrenaline rush and, as the adrenaline levels off and moves out,  the breathing can allow other natural “drugs “or endorphins an opportunity to kick in.  This can lead to psychological homeostasis,  where one can get more level headed as one’s brain chemicals neutralize the power which the  anger imposed on the emotions and physiology. Next, thinking , balance and order can return to the psyche.  But in the “inebriation ” stage of  anger, some people tend to  resist calming down, sometimes even when prodded by others to do so. 

Since knowledge is power, be prepared to S.T.O.P.  when encountering situations which could lead to intense anger.  Although anger serves a purpose, getting drunk with anger is like getting drunk with alcohol-so choose to go sleep it off.

Stop.  Take a Breath.  Observe. Proceed. 

S.T.O.P.  is a technique designed   to help you with self restraint,  reduce the rush of adrenaline, and assess your situation before you  proceed with a new awareness.


About The Author 

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Wandra Najat-Felecia Chenault is a  Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Author. 






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