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My Greatest Strength is Being Who I Am

pic my greatest strenth 1I can never be best at being someone other than who I am. I am best at being me.

I must learn to express the best and most beautiful essence of me, to actualize the excellence within me. God has created me for purpose and each step I take in life gives me a unique perspective to share with the world. My greatest strength is who I am. 

I remember a  TV commercial featuring a young woman who started by saying she’d done a lot of things in her life she wasn’t  too proud of. That woman’s voice shook my spirit each and every time the ad flashed across my television screen  Her shame spoke louder than her regrets. My heart ached for her. Most of us have done something we’re not too proud of but, we’ve moved on from it or learned a valuable lesson as a consequence of it.  She did not communicate that she was better today as a result of her experiences. 

pic my greatest strength 2 IMG-6708

Today I am “seasoned”  because of all the experiences, hardships, successes, trials, weaknesses or  tribulations that I have sustained. Having been battled-ground tested, I am a  valiant soldier who has defended what is most important – me.  I am authentic and, the essence, the purest form of myself has emerged. 

As I continue along,  I am forever reminded that life’s ups, downs and turnarounds serve to prune and help me develop strength, beauty and perspective to actualize God’s excellent purpose  for my life. 






Wandra Najat-Felecia Chenault is a  life coach, inspirational speaker and author. 

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