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You Tried to Destroy Me: When you realize someone’s wrath was meant to harm you

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When someone wants to harm you emotionally, kill their intense feelings and virtually destroy you.

by Wandra Najat-Felecia Chenault MSW Mama Sez Wisdom

People get angry and when they do they can express a list of emotions. They may say ugly things that hurt — but often when someone takes the time to chew you out, it is because they need to explain their depth of hurt, anger, fear or other emotions. What they are really trying to accomplish is express how they have been injured and seek your acknowledgment of their pain, they feel you’ve caused. Their words and behaviors, used at or with you, are a symptom that they are finding a way to repair their own emotions and inviting you to be a part of that process.

But then, there are those times and those people who are not willing or attempting to mend the damage and, because they are often full of rage, their perceived injury so deep, and the relationship so fractured, there is no coming back and there can be no repair, for them. They can become so enraged that they want to emotionally harm you:: smear your reputation, assault your character, degrade you and sometimes push to have you lose anything meaningful or valuable. The emotional harm they can cause you can be quite injurious with long-term complications.

When a relationship has been totaled and someone’s mind made up -.they may manipulate a plethora of strategies, instruments and situations designed to fracture, then sever ties, emotions, commitments and promises. They move onward destroying everything you shared that was meaningful or sacred, with little respect for how the falling, broken and shattered pieces impact, or for the collateral damage as it implodes and explodes or the destruction that is left behind.
So what do you do when someone is trying to destroy you? Survival is the primary agenda and you want to survive intact with little or no permanent injury. Remove yourself from the line of fire as quickly as possible – take cover – and if needed fire back to protect yourself. Leave them boxing with the wind — don’t spend your life, your time or your energy fighting a person in a battle where their intent is to destroy you. Don’t try to fix the relationship, instead, consider surrendering to the idea that this relationship is over and get yourself to safety.


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As Maya Angelou wrote, “And still I rise.”
People’s intent on destroying you is never about you; it is about who they are. It is about their own anger, rage and control. You are responsible for your actions and consequences but not other peoples’ reactions;. Your responsibility to yourself is to survive.

Maya Angelou wrote, ”And still I rise.” Don’t allow yourself to be thrown away like garbage. Don’t let anyone destroy you.
Wandra Najat-Felecia Chenault, MSW
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