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Nature Always Overpowers, Nature Always Wins



Man must learn to live by the rules of nature because man cannot control nature

by Wandra Najat-Felecia Chenault, MSW                                                                                      Mama Sez Wisdom

At the source of  some of life’s most challenging situations  are our challenges with nature. We build a home on the coast and there is flooding. As we’ve observed by some of our most powerful earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis or snowstorms, its a waste of time trying to control or more so stop mother nature, she does her own thing on her own time in her own way.  So we prepare because if she makes a decision, we won’t be able to change her mind. 

Sometimes it seems nature gives us what we think of as an  imperfection and no matter how slight or trivial, we want it changed,  we struggle to make our straight hair curly or our curly hair straight, but it seems to revert, eventually; or maybe it’s a gapped tooth,  small lips, a pronounced nose or ears and for the “flaw,” we spend good money-get face lifts-having it “corrected” but, as nature persists, nature wins by passing the  genetic trait onto our children. 

lightening on the cityIMG_9322

We’ve often heard- following a hurricane. tornado or flood “you can’t fight nature!”

Nature Always wins. We try to kill weeds,  protect our crops from bugs, we try to alter these problems, slow it down or cordon it off, but without constant monitoring nature will slip by,  drop in, creep up, and eventually show out. Sometimes our solutions are worst than the problems. Man must learn to live by the rules of nature because man cannot control nature.

And now, the coronavirus has reminded us that we cannot control nature or how nature expresses itself, its kindess on most occassions and sometimes its wrath. We know that we have abused our relationship with nature and nature is speaking back in anger and some will be hurt by the wrath of nature. 

Knowing nature always wins is one of the reasons that climate change and some of the ways we choose to live life on this planet is a big issue. Mother Nature has to have her say and she is dictates how its going to happen. We have to listen to her lead and give her room to do her thing because she will win. When we go against nature we lose, nature always wins.


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