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You’re A Survivor

It’s Already A Miracle You Have Survived

You are already a winner so whenever you feel defeated, consider that you are already a one in a million survivor.

Have you ever thought about all the years and all the eggs that weren’t fertilized?

For months, maybe years, you had been sitting there, like millions of others. And then you move on to the monthly battle to dominate amongst maybe a thousand others. You survive and emerge, the single and dominate surviving follicle.  


And Then,

Something magical happens,  millions of sperm swim upstream on a quest to fertilize an egg. And, you are the fertilized egg. Out of the millions, you have survived. Then you held on during the nine months of growth and development and fought to get yourself out of that birth canal. You made it;  an amazing feat on your first day, black babyyou survived.


So, Hold On Survivor












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