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When You Say Yes But God Says No


woman in windowSometimes you make a decision, it seems the only and the easiest way to get something done for sure but, from the very start, you know that your heart isn’t  in it. You even get a queasy feeling in your stomach when you think of it– which to you is a sign that it is not the best decision since it goes against the grain. And so, just a little, you wish there was another way out but, you move forward in the decision.

Then something happens or actually, it doesn’t happen. Something prevents your action from being realized–it just doesn’t take place. Now you have entered into a season when you have said “yes” but God has said “no.”  So what do you do when you are left feeling like you are standing in the hallway of a thousand doorways, none of which have signs, no way to tell what’s behind them and the hallway is dark, cold and uncomfortable?  Decide to keep moving, one footstep at a time, looking for clues and instincts on which door to open.

One Day At A Time

Trust that the decision that you made that did not happen was not supposed to be and more than likely it was in your best interest. Take it as a blessing and move forward one day at a time, despite knowing that as much as you would love to be able to predict an outcome, have a map of the journey and be assured you will arrive at the place you envisioned, you will just have to trust the one day at a time method.  So, move forward constantly searching for the next step, keeping close contact with your instincts and believing that you will reach the right decision that brings you to the best answer in time. And, be assured for now that the path you had outlined and hoped to go, the decision to go that path was not realized and instead you are on a different path and this path will lead you in the right direction and a better outcome, the right one.

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