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Reflection brings clarity


Look in the Mirror

In life, we get up most mornings brush our teeth brush comb or twist our hair and we usually like to do it in front of a mirror, although we probably can do these things without a mirror but,  we use the mirror because the reflection gives us a better perspective.

As we walk out the door we try to get a look at ourselves in front of a mirror and occasionally we miss that opportunity and later find that we missed a minor flaw that could have been corrected if we had reflected on it in the mirror.

Reflection, the mirror, on a regular basis is an important and almost necessary element that can be missing In our lives. Maybe we lost our mirror or it is broken or faded. Whatever the case of the missing mirror or mirror that no longer functions adequately,  it is important to have one.

Talking to another person who we trust can give us the mirrored reflection we need. First rule is that that person must be able to give s clear and accurate reflection.  So, in choosing the person or persons who will give us that reflection, choose one that can reflect clearly, is not broken, shattered or faded because the reflection provided would be flawed.

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