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The Love of Hate

Wandra F. Chenault Mama Sez Wisdom

As a child, one of my Mom’s most consistent expressions was, “It’s nice to be nice.” She would go on to explain that someone has to go out of their way to be mean, coming up with schemes and plotting while being nice is less complicated.

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The bible tells us to hate evil and love what is good, which is an easy guide to follow.

Sometimes it is humorous but still hurtful to watch the behavior of some of God’s creatures act out the love of hate. Hate, haters — the terminology becoming increasingly en vogue, despite the ugliness of it all — is an acquired skill for some who practice it sometimes, and an occupation for others who practice it in all their affairs.

Hate is intentional in thought and deed. Simply put,  its an overzealous defense mechanism coming from anger, fear, envy or greed and resulting in an insecurity meltdown and the action is meant to inflict pain onto the source of the insecurity. If the source is another person, then harm is directed toward the person–and can be quite an investment, intentional and may even take time or thought.

Unfortunately, some haters do have power, maybe they are at your job or your church or somewhere in your social circle, or worst, in your family and may have influence over a project you’re trying to get approved or be like an annoying gnat. I say make a scale from zero to ten positive 10 all the way to the right and negative ten at the end on the left and put your haters at zero because zero is neither negative or positive. Don’t look to your haters for discouragement or encouragement, as Evelyn Lozada eloquently said, make them a non …factor. Then, meditate on the words of the late great Maya Angelou,  “You may trod me in the very dirt –  But still – like dust – I’ll rise.”









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