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When God Speaks in Complete Sentences


Making decisions can have a huge impact on your life and the lives of others. Making the right decision can be difficult as sometimes you are struggling with your competing desires, needs, and visions.Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 2.45.49 PM and Not always is the path where the sun shines the correct path. In fact, sometimes it is the lonely grey and dismal path that actually leads to the rainbow.  Bling doesn’t mean it’s the right thing, although the bling could be a rare gem. So how do you choose when you’re totally confused? Well, it helps to listen for the voice of destiny and that one comes from the Voice of the universe, God’s voice and, if you listen closely and, if you can hear, it will lead you down the best path.


Just like trying to study, read a book or have a conversation with background noise — the television,  a loud conversation, building construction or a radio — the noise interferes and becomes a distraction.  The same is true when God is speaking. Since God often speaks in whispers, you have to get rid of interferences and focus on listening and hearing. This requires detaching from distraction – those physical and mental noises which can include people places and things.


God”s voice can be a whisper or a response to prayers but, sometimes God even speaks in complete sentences and, when He does there is clarity and everything becomes crystal clear. It’s like an epiphany – THE LIGHT BULB comes on you’ll know right away that God is leading you because every door every object everything that you will need along the path suddenly appears. Unfortunately, God doesn’t always speak in complete sentences so, you’re left to listen to his whispers which provide nudges and clues and if you pray it gets better yet,  you get His answers.



Take time to listen when God’s talking. Take some time to be alone. Disconnect with phones, tablets and people. A mini-dose like 15 minutes of morning meditation/prayer, medium-dose like a break or lunch hour or a megadose like a weekend vacation. For some people, it could be a day at the beach, park, a long walk or a day indoors alone. However you decide to get it done, you’re sure to hear a little something from God.

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