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Moments in Time – that helped save my life

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Sometimes vivid movie clips,  snapshots of moments in my life,  begin to play on my brain’s screen.  Then my heart begins to play the sounds stamped on its vinyl record stored there.  This elaborate production, for which I gave no consent, is as if an external force said,   “oh, you’re gonna need to remember this.’’ So, I watch myself having fun — an expression of a feeling etched deeply in what I now know as enjoyment.  Or, it plays an incident that changed my trajectory — the beauty of it is that I know now that I never had anything to be concerned about, it was going to work out just fine.  Some of the memories are those of what gave me hope, healing, and humor. Still others are of dark and difficult times. Although at times I was in despair, these are memories of times that brought courage, vision, clarity, and strength. These moments in time helped shape and save my life.  And today that force which recorded those memories continues to record and to help me to understand that life is like a puzzle; sometimes, it is complex but all the pieces are there, it’s just about taking the time to find the pieces and put them in order. So, while life brings challenges that are sometimes difficult to understand or put the pieces together meanwhile, all the time,  a video and audio embed it to capture the awe of it all. Eventually, there are the moments in time, the memories that show up to appreciate and come to understand.

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