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Just breathe and take it in: the benefits of mindfulness 


by Wandra F Chenault, MSW (Mama(cita)SezWisdom
One of the main ideas that I’ve understood about the purpose and benefits of Mindfulness is that it can remind us to make every moment count.
I recently took time to burn a candle, smell its aroma, sit and see the flame dance and feel the sofa against the weight of my body. I’ve often wondered about the person in the small rural town sitting on their front porch’s rocking chair, waving at the few cars passing but watching the sun coming up and going down. I wondered if their days were longer, their lives feeling longer because they had time to pay attention.

Distractions, multi-tasking, and powerful mind snatchers like the large platforms of social media all compete for attention. Responding to these external stimuli leaves less time for tuning in for intersections interaction with our intimate environment, the aura surrounding us, and being in the moment.

As a result, we have allowed ourselves to be overwhelmed to become the subject of targeted interactions with blah blah blah that we have to be reminded to “just breathe and take it in .”

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